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The app uses agrees that app owner is not responsible for their investment and disinvestment dicisions.
  • The app uses agrees that app owner is not responsible for their investment and disinvestment dicisions.
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  • New trade in one stock ,kindly trade in all stock we suggest you so that you can book profit.
  • Use of the number of share per thousand
  • Don't trade more stocks a day.
  • Assume your working with capital 10,000 and first day makes 6%profit i.e, 600 next day your capital Wii be 10,600 you should not consider 10,600 but you only take 10,000 as a capital.
  • Assume if you have 10,000 rupees then you can start trading as 1,000 rupees to the order and follow strictly and stop losses.
  • We are giving this to educate the people and improve their strength , not confusing the people.